"Be the Difference Foundation" is dedicated to meeting the needs, guiding, & helping children who are faced with disabilities, sickness, poverty and abandonment. By encouraging them to achieve their dreams and tackle all of the obstacles that life has to offer helps to not let those things overcome them. "Be the Difference" teaches children not to let their current situations get the best of them but rather to let it be their motivation to success in life. We are here to remind them to be happy and that they are amazing, smart, strong, important, and cherished.

In order to change the world YOU have to "Be the change you hope to see in the world" - In meeting the needs of others, no matter if it's physically, financially or emotionally, "Be the Difference" takes the seed of love that is already planted within the hearts of children and tends to their differences in hopes of embracing and growing that love, into the determination and ability to do anything. Uprooting the stereotypical labels, hurt, neglect, and thoughts of hopelessness and replanting healing, time, hope and compassion with not just words BUT ACTIONS. Be the difference for these children, join the fight. Help these children, who need you, to overcome their obstacles, be the difference & become a testimony to everyone. In order to make a difference you have to be one! 

This summer we're holding our first fundraiser! If you would like to perform or attend please contact any of us about more details! 

When? - Sunday July 29th, 2012 from 4:30PM - 8:30PM

Where? - Lac Hong Center
6628 Wilcrest Drive Suite A Houston, TX 77072

Who? - All Ages

Why? - To fund raise for My Nguyen, a 14 year old girl battling Thalassaemia B at the Texas Children's Hospital 

RSVP: July 25, 2012
Leigh Duong (832)-552-7010

DRESS CODE: Semi-Formal. NO SHORTS or TANK TOPS. Shirts must have sleeves, and must where long pants. Jeans are acceptable.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors!:

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